hort description of selected tourist attractions in the closest neighbourhood of the guesthouse.

1. Wieliczka salt Mine (10 Daniłowicz Street). One of the oldest mines in Europe. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. In 1978 it appeared on the UNESCO list of the Cultural and Wildlife Heritage List. In 1994 it got the status of A Monument of National History. On your way along the 2-kilometres long underground route you can admire authentic chapels carved in salt, post-exploitation chambers and underground salt lakes. The route is available for the tourist from April 16 to October 15 from 7:30 till 18:30, and from October 16 to April 15 from 8:00 to 16:00. The visitors are guided by multilingual guides. Underground Minerals, Jewellery and Fossils Fairs (July) and Undeground Tourist Attractions Fairs (October) are held regularly.

2. Salt Works Castle- The Museum Of Cracow Salt Works (8 Zamkowa Street) . the former seat of the Cracow Salt Works Stewards. Built on the turn of the 13th century, rebuilt several times, destroyed during the World War II. Once it was reconstructed, some of the exhibits of the Cracow Salt Works could be found there.

3. St Francis of Assisi Church and Franciscan Monastery (Brat Kosiba Street) in Wieliczka. The first brick church of the Reformers Cracow province, situated south to the Market Square, built in the first half of 17th century. The church is also the Sanctuary of Saint Mary the Gracious Princess of Wieliczka and the God?s Servant Alojzy Kosiba, who spent some of his life in the monastery.

4. Konopkowie Palace (18th century),Wieliczka, Słowacki Street.

5. Former synagogue in Wieliczka (Wiejska Street), erected in the middle of the 18th century with rectangle as the planning basis. Devastated during the World War II. After the war it was turned into a warehouse. In 1980 it underwent a preservation repair. Some decoration elements have remained.

f course this is just a part of all the tourist attractions that our area is famous for. There are so many of them that everyone may find something suitable for the, no matter their age, interests or financial resources.

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